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Learn the A, B, C, and D’s of Medicare

During my client consultations, I’ve discovered that understanding Medicare is an area where my clients express the most frustration and uncertainty. I’m pleased to announce that Marsh Professional Group has added a dedicated Medicare specialist to its team to help you transform that uncertainty into certainty. Here’s how we can help.

  • Before making your initial enrollment decisions as you’re nearing your 65th birthday, we’ll review the pros and cons of using a Part B Major Medical Plan and a Part D Prescription Plan versus a Part C Medicare Advantage. We’ll also make sure you don’t miss out on your once-in-your-lifetime window of opportunity to sign up for supplemental Medigap insurance, where insurance companies CANNOT deny your coverage for pre-existing conditions.

  • If you’re already on Medicare, we’ll analyze your existing Medigap policies to make sure you’re receiving the best coverage for the lowest premium and consider alternative policies that might better meet your needs.

  • During open enrollment each year (Oct. 15th to Dec. 7th), we can review your Part D prescription coverage to determine if better coverage is available for you. This is also the time you can switch between Medicare Advantage plans or change from traditional Medicare to an Advantage plan. Did you know that some Advantage plans cover vision and dental costs, while traditional Medicare doesn’t? But be aware, many Advantage plans have recently increased deductibles.

  • Because the cost of health insurance is more than just your monthly premiums, we can help you compare your total out-of-pocket costs, taking into consideration premiums, deductibles, co-insurance, and annual maximums.

So help is here, and the best news of all is that we offer this as a free service to you. Why? The insurance companies pay us to do this work on your behalf, and since we’re independent financial planners, we’re under no obligation to any one insurance company. We’ll shop around and find what’s best for you.


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