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  • Our advisor is a friend and has done a great job for us. Why should we move to Marsh?
    Your advisor has likely focused on the accumulation phase of the Money Cycle and did a great job for you. But as you enter a new phase, you need a more comprehensive wealth management plan that goes beyond wealth accumulation. Led by CPAs and a Certified Financial Planner, the Marsh team is better equipped (and more up to speed on the latest tax legislation) to advise you through the preservation and distribution phases.
  • Isn’t it a pain to move our accounts?
    We make the transition easy and painless. We’ll even develop a plan to proactively minimize any tax events that could occur. If you need help with what to say to your current advisor, we can assist with that, too. And we’re happy to calculate how much that 10 minutes of awkwardness could save you.
  • How can Marsh compete with the resources of bigger firms?
    Our fees are lower in part because we don’t have to pay the overhead that the big firms do. We have access to the same data. The key difference is that we can reference their forecasts without having to fund them. This means our clients aren’t funding them either. As a smaller firm, we are also better able to develop more personal, customized plans to meet your specific needs.
  • How secure is my money with Marsh?
    100%. Your money is always your money, not ours. We don’t hold your assets; we just advise you on how to best leverage them. We use Charles Schwab as an independent custodian. Your monthly statement will come directly from them, and you will have online access to your personal portal, where you can monitor your account and its holdings 24/7.
  • What if something happens to you?
    Since Charles Schwab will be the custodian of your assets, that’s where they would be. Our practice would be picked up by another fiduciary, who would have complete access to the plans and strategies we have created for you. You could decide to remain with them or go someplace else. In that regard, it’s really no different from your current advisor setup.
  • Do I have to move all of my assets to Marsh, or could I just move some?"
    From a strategic standpoint, it’s in your best interest to have all of your assets with us so we can best manage tax strategies across your portfolio. But we understand that you may have extenuating circumstances. We’re happy to discuss those with you to find a solution that meets your needs.
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