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Preparing for What’s Next

Whether you are approaching retirement or already enjoying it, you may have some of the same questions: Have I saved enough to pay for ever-increasing health care costs?  How do I know what Medicare will, and will not, cover?  When should I start taking Social Security benefits? What is an IRA Required Minimum Distribution and how can I pay less tax on the withdrawal?

Plan for Confidence

Marsh Wealth Management’s team of expert advisors offers financial planning services that give you the confidence to make informed decisions about your retirement. Effective retirement planning isn’t just about When and Where. It’s also about What, How, and Why. Your comprehensive Marsh financial plan will cover four key areas:

  1. Longevity Income Planning

  2. Investments

  3. Healthcare

  4. Legacy & Estate​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

As we began to approach retirement, we had no idea whether we were prepared. Our funds were scattered, and we had great anxiety as we looked ahead. Yvonne, Mike, and their team calmly and methodically worked with us to put together a plan for both the short- and long-term. Yvonne listened to us every step of the way and addressed our needs. We can now retire with confidence! Thank you, Marsh.  

– Andy W. and Karen N.

The testimonial above was provided by a non-compensated current client who has no conflicts of interest.

In a 2019 Fidelity survey, people with a financial plan ranked their retirement confidence as a 9 out of 10, while those without a financial plan only ranked their confidence as a 5 out of 10. We know you’re “ready” to retire, but are you really ready to retire?

couple enjoying retirement with granddaughter

Enjoy your retirement with confidence.

You’ve been saving for a long time. Now you may be wondering how and when to leverage the money you’ve saved and how long it might last you. You may have questions about the timing and tax implications of retirement account withdrawals. We can help you make informed decisions so you have the freedom to enjoy your retirement years.

The CFP Advantage

Yvonne Marsh is also a CFP® professional (Certified Financial Planner). While just about anyone can use the title “financial planner,” only a select few are certified by the CFP Board. CFP® professionals have met rigorous qualifications for financial planning and years of experience delivering financial planning services to clients. CFP® professionals also commit to high ethical standards and are held accountable by the Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards, Inc.

The CPA Advantage

In the accumulation stage of your wealth plan, taxes are usually simpler. Max out your pre-tax and ROTH contributions, and itemize to ensure you’re taking advantage of mortgage interest and charitable contributions. But as you near the preservation and distribution stages, tax issues become more complex, and a slight misstep can be very costly. As CPAs and fiduciaries, Mike Marsh and Yvonne Marsh counsel clients not just on the what and how of tax strategies but on the when.

The Fiduciary Advantage

Fiduciaries are required to put their clients’ interests above all others. While this may seem obvious, consider that many financial advisors are not fiduciaries. It is commonplace for advisors to profit (through “revenue sharing”) by investing their clients’ money with specific funds, whether they are the best funds for the client or not. As fiduciaries, we are held to a higher standard of transparency and care, accounting for each client’s goals, risk tolerance, and circumstances.

Why Marsh?

I never felt connected with my previous financial advisor. It just didn't seem that they had a good understanding of me, my goals, or my risk tolerance for achieving those goals. I was "just another client." With Marsh, their entire approach has centered around a detailed questionnaire identifying my goals and risk tolerance. They have guided me ever since — ALWAYS adhering to sound financial principles. They have never been shy about challenging me when my thinking has been a little "skewed," but they are also willing to listen to my thoughts/concerns. All in all, we have made a very good team!  

– Ron A.

The testimonial above was provided by a non-compensated current client who has no conflicts of interest.

The Money Cycle

Why a Preservation  Strategy is Important

Your plan will include an Investment Bucket Strategy that categorizes your assets for Now, Soon, and Later while honoring your risk preferences. We will assess the tax-efficiency of your current strategy and outline the most tax-efficient order of asset withdrawal during retirement. We can also assist with Roth conversion strategies and RMD strategies. 


Your personalized MWM Retirement Income Plan will take into account your optimal Social Security claiming strategy, your current assets and savings rates, inflation factors, investment returns, and tax implications. Your plan will also outline sustainable spending goals over various life expectancies, to ensure you are prepared for whatever happens.


A financial plan would be incomplete without factoring in healthcare needs. We consult on health savings accounts and Medicare cost minimization while helping you plan for long-term care funding.

Legacy & Estate

We listen to your legacy goals, review beneficiary designations, and make recommendations from a tax and probate perspective. We can also connect you to an estate attorney if legal documents need to be updated.

Schedule a no-obligation consultation (in person, by phone, or over Zoom). Contact us now.

​Do you have a burning question about retirement planning? Send it to us, and we’ll answer it for free.

How can we help you?

As a newly retired person, I was clueless how to manage my finances. Yvonne put together an individual plan for me that makes me feel secure. I now feel that I’ll be okay over the years.  

Lois G.

The testimonial above was provided by a non-compensated current client who has no conflicts of interest.

to help you plan for your retirement with confidence

Accumulation bucket for retirement planning


In your earning years, financial planning focuses on accumulation. Marsh 401k+ and back-door Roth allocation strategies ensure you are maximizing pre-tax savings tools. Other investment strategies can help you save for retirement, college, or other big-ticket items.

Preservation bucket for retirement planning


The most overlooked phase of the money cycle, preservation focuses on managing the wealth you’ve accumulated with a strategy that accounts for your needs Now, Soon, and Later. This ensures you can live comfortably, without fear that you will outlive your money.

Distribution bucket for retirement planning


Knowing when, which, and how much of your assets to leverage throughout your retirement can significantly impact your tax burden and your legacy. The CPA/fiduciary team at Marsh Wealth Management will map tax-smart strategies to ensure you stay in control of your money.

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